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      "Now, there's three loaves o' bread for the Sargint," said Harry, laying them down on a newspaper. "There's three for the Corpril; there's three for me; there's three for you." "Camp ov the 2 Hunderdth Injianny

      "Girls," she called, "come up and be introduced. This is Mr. Corpril Elliott, Si's best friend and partner. I call him Mr. Fly-by-night, because he got his dander up about something or nothin', and skipped out one night without so much's sayin'"

      "Right face!" commanded Si.Si and Shorty Were the First to Mount The Parapet. 91

      "How did I know it? How does any man know that another is drunk? He was boisterous, excited and yellingthat kind of a drunk."

      "There are no elders. My name Hortat."

      "Sartin,'pon honor," answered the rebel, with his mouth full of tobacco.


      "Le' me see your money and taste your licker."


      "Yes; Shorty generally does that," said Si, with a beaming look on his partner. "He's the best soldier in the regiment, and kin always be trusted to git in on time anywhere."