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      Suddenly he heard a knock at the door, and before he could answer, it flew open, and the icy blast, laden with snow, rushed in, and whirled round the hut, fluttering the pages of Lilly's grammar and the fleece of the lamb."You're a queer lad, Reubenand more masterful than your poor f?ather wur."

      "And what about Odiam?" asked Ticehurst of Hole. "I haven't seen Backfield these three weeks, but there's a tale going r?ound as how the commissioners have bin tedious sharp, and done him out of everything he hoped to getsurelye!"Oh why is a Gate stuck across at this Spot?

      "You've killed her! it's your doing ... you're a murderer!" she screamed at Reuben.Calverley took the cup, and drinking it off with as much zest as if he had not already tasted wine that morning"Any news?" said he, "master Lukeany news?"

      Afterwards he felt better, but he was still fuming[Pg 275] when he came to Odiam, and dashed up straight to Rose's bedroom, where she lay with the ten-days-old David and a female friend from Rye, who had come in to hear details about her confinement. Both, not to say all three, were startled by Reuben's sudden entrance, crimson and hatless, his collar flying, the dust all over him.

      "I d?an't want you to bless meand maybe you w?an't t?ake my terms.""It's nigh fifteen year since he went away. Wot did he want to come back fur?"

      "Stephen Holgrave, are you mad?" returned Edith alarmed: "tell me the meaning of this!Speak, I command thee!"

      The party without seemed to have expected resistance; for the next moment a blow was struck upon the door which made the whole house shake; and the besieged perceived that they were forcing an entrance with the trunk of a young tree, or some such machine, in imitation of the ram, not yet disused in warfare. Speedily the timber yielded and cracked; and Holgrave, starting from the stupor in which he was plunged, caught up the axe, and posted himself in an attitude of striking near the door.


      "My lord has little to expect from the faith of those who are fed and clothed at his hand," said Calverley, indignantly, as he saw, by the hesitation of the retainers, that the capture of the monk was hopeless.Albert sat upthen asked for some water.


      "But he says he doesn't want to be a farmer."