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      "Well, that might depend on who 'her' is." We had reached the cross-roads and he was turning south.

      "Please tell us about that," said Fred. Frank echoed the request, and their informer nodded his consent."Well, I'll answer it. Do you think Jewett has run back into his own lines?"

      "I am his clerk." In the car a flash of joy and then great decorum.

      "What I want of you, Smith, is to tell you that I shall lose no such chance."

      Lord Inverbroom suddenly stiffened.


      Near the end of the first day's journey the party stopped at a Japanese inn that had been previously selected by their conductor, and there they found their baggage, and, what was quite as welcome, a substantial dinner from the hands of the cook that had been sent on ahead of them. They had sharp appetites, and the dinner was very much to their liking. It was[Pg 190] more foreign than Japanese, as it consisted largely of articles from America; but there was a liberal supply of boiled rice, and the savory stew of fish was not wanting.



      IAh, I dare say hell find something he likes, said this dreadful old lady, observing with malicious{22} pleasure that Alices colour, as she would have phrased it, was mounting.