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      Then find her!Esmeralda laughed softly.

      And she has accepted you? Thank the Lord!


      Not literally. That evening, yes, an end of it, but not the very next four, did Kincaid spend with Anna. It merely looked so to Flora Valcour.

      Yes, said Trafford, looking straight before him. It shall rest entirely with her. The moment she is strong enough to see me, to hear me, I shall go to her and say, Esmeralda, I love you. You shall choose between me and Norman. If you return to me, I swear that never by word or look will I remind you of what has passed. For that I am as answerable as you. It shall be buried, never to rise between us again. Choose between me and him. If your choice falls upon him, I will submit. You shall marry him; I will do all I can to help you to regain the happiness of which I robbed you; I will leave you in peace with the man you love.Varley assented with a gesture and a groan.

      "Hell," placidly prompted Flora.

      "He needn't," said Constance. "She knows it now. The moment I came in here I saw, through all her lightness, she'd got some heavy news. She must have overheard him, Nan."



      Lyin beside the mare, you precocious infant, said Bill, showing his teeth. The bags there, but its empty; the mails here. Jes you come and take off my boots, you mutton-headed idiot!


      Men raved about her and envied Trafford, and the women copied her dresses, and even her peculiar accent, and envied her. Even her strange backwood phrases became the fashion, and when she made a slip in grammar, her auditors did not sneer, but smiled, as if she had said something clever.