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      "Did Capt. Gillen get through with that quinine and guncaps?""But your head's bigger'n a bushel, Si," remonstrated the Sergeant. "Better let the doctor see it."

      Her flag is at the peak, my boys,From not far away a bugler had tuned up and through the fragrant night came piercingly sweet

      But when the column halted briefly at noon, for dinner for the men and mules, it was raining harder and steadier than ever. It was difficult to start fires with the soaked rails and chunks, all were wet to the skin, and rivulets of water ran from them as they stood or walked. The horses of the officers seemed shrunken and drawn-up, and the mud was getting deeper every minute.

      "At present prices o' pork in Injianny," remarked Si, after a little mental figuring, "that wasn't such a bad fee."


      Rosenbaum Runs Into Sigel's Pickets. 66"Sure," said Si, springing forward.




      frontispiecee (114K)Si and Shorty found some poles, and prodded around as well as they were able in the crossing to find the shallowest place. If there was a part so shallow that the bed could be kept above water it was very narrow, and would require exceedingly skillful driving to keep on it. The whole regiment stood around, like a barnyard full of turkeys on a wet day, and looked on with an air of soppy melancholy.