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      "Strange," sighed the other, "how we can have--at the same time--for the same one--both feelings."He looked at her, the color coming and going in his face.

      The maiden nodded: "Grandma"--a meditative pause--"I love Anna. Anna's the only being on earth I can perfectly trust."

      Ah, yes! said Lady Wyndover; they are old friends. She is very pretty, isnt she? They say that it was thought that Lord Trafford and she would make a match of it.Mirth, wait thou other whiles,

      You are mistaken, he said, grimly. She never loved me.Could they have known half the toil, care, and trial the preparation of this Bazaar was to cost their friends, apologized the Callenders as it neared completion, they would never have dared propose it.

      "Ah, more! 'Tis from that deluge of--"

      Do you think mine prettier than Lady Adas? said Esmeralda; and then she blushed with shame at her question. What had come to her?

      The carriage drew up at the house, and the footman opened the door. Barker, who had come by train, was on the steps. Esmeralda saw a pretty cottage, with brown beams projecting through the cream-colored stone, and with lattice windows daintily curtained with muslin.



      She sighed heavily. Yes, it must be soon, she said. I think I shall be almost glad when it is over. I shall have done with life thendone with it forever. Take me to her; I want to speak to her. Oh, do not be afraid, she said, with a curl of her lip, as he seemed to hesitate. I have nothing but pleasant things to speak to your future bride, Lord Trafford.An hour ago, she said. He caught the morning train.


      It was an unlucky speech.